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Individuals take insurance to cover loss of life. They expect the insurance policy to provide financial cover to the dependents in their absence. The way to go about achieving this is by making sure the life insurance cover is adequate.

Insurance can prove advantageous in meeting several financial goals of the individual and his family. Here are some of the important ones


Real estate is a fundamental building block of our economy and any risks to this sector Companies need a risk management strategy that provides certainty for your stakeholders and delivers a cost-effective solution to deliver on your project goals.

Throughout the lifecycle of your property investments; from site acquisition, design, construction and the on-going asset management, we will become a strategic partner to help implement this approach.


Mutual funds are basically investment vehicles that comprise the capital of different investors who share a mutual financial goal. A fund manager manages the pool of money that is collected from various investors and invests the money into a variety of investment options such as company stocks, bonds, and shares. Mutual funds in India are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and investing in mutual funds is considered to be the easiest way through which you can increase your wealth.


​​​Your vehicle is one of the milestone investments in your life. It is a reflection of the person who drives it. It has toiled for you so many times and it is time you think about protecting your vehicle from unforeseen events such as theft or accident which can harm your vehicle. Considering the exorbitant motor repair costs these days even slight damage to your vehicle can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is prudent to purchase a Motor Insurance policy that understands the importance of an automobile in your life. 


Post Office Monthly Income scheme helps you earn attractive returns on your investments. The post office monthly income scheme (POMIS) is not well-known among investors in the urban parts of the country. The population in urban India looks to invest in fixed deposits and other debt options for generating monthly incomes or even to just park their money. But the monthly income scheme offered by the Indian postal service, although lesser-known, offers a bouquet of benefits to the investor. It should be noted that the post office is still one of the largest banking service providers in the country. 


Term Life insurance is the purest and most cost-effective form of life insurance. This type of life insurance provides financial protection to the nominee in case policyholder dies during the policy term. Term Insurance policies provide high life cover at lower premiums. For eg: Premium for `1 Cr Term Insurance cover could be as low as `490** p.m. These fixed premiums can be paid at once or at regular intervals for the entire policy term or for a limited period of time. Premium amount varies basis the type of the premium payment method opted by the buyer.






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